Tuesday, October 30, 2018

YARA - Rule Management



A django web interface for managing Yara rules. The manager enables users to:

* Search for specific rules based on rule characteristics
* Categorize and organize rules easily and in bulk
* Make bulk edits on desired/filtered rules
* Track characteristics of the entire rule repository
* Automatically prevent and detect duplicate entries
Ref / Download Link : https://github.com/PUNCH-Cyber/YaraGuardian



Web based Manager for Yara Rules.

Ref / Download Link : https://github.com/kevthehermit/YaraManager


Web is a powerful website framework to write, test and organize your Yara rules. It features syntax highlighting, team collaboration features and publishing workflow.

  • Self-hosted solution (PHP/Mysql server needed)
  • Can run on Synology NAS (with Web Station)
  • REST API (submit, delete, update, get), with API Key
  • Authentication with modified UserCake library
  • Users Rights management
  • Easy to customize, with only one config file to change
  • Files management (creation/edition/removal)
  • Files exports
  • Rules management (creation/edition/removal)
  • Rules viewer
  • Rules export
  • Rules import
  • Give a name on rules/files copy
  • Stats page
  • Search page (with magic field)
  • Permissions (contributor, publisher, ...)
  • History page
  • Recycle Bin
  • Syntax check (with yara pythong)
  • Rule test (with yara pythong)
  • Tests page (string -ANSI/UNICODE-, Hex strings, Files -local storage-)
  • User comments (with conversations)

 Ref  / Download Link : https://github.com/Tigzy/yaraeditor


is a script and library that lexes and parses a file consisting of one more YARA rules into a python dictionary representation. The goal of this tool is to make it easier to perform bulk operations or transformations of large sets of YARA rules, such as extracting indicators, updating attributes, and analyzing a corpus. Other applications include linters and dependency checkers.

Ref / Download Link : https://plyara.readthedocs.io/en/latest/