Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ServerShield - Open Source Linux Hardening Tool

Server Shield:
            is a lightweight method of protecting and hardening your Linux server. It is easy to install, hard to mess up, and makes your server instantly and effortlessly resistant to many basic and advanced attacks

Automatic security updates are enabled by default, including the self-updating of Server Shield. If you are running a modified version of Server Shield you should turn self-updating off so your changes don't get overwritten. Support for servers with multiple IP addresses will be added soon.


  • Slowloris Protection
  • Firewall Hardening
  • TCP Hardening
  • ICMP/Ping Flood Protection
  • DoS Protection
  • Spoof Protection
  • FTP/SSH Bruteforce Protection
  • Automatic Security Updates
  • Disables Bash History
  • DNS Amplification Protection


git clone

cd server-shield;chmod +x sshield;mv sshield /etc/init.d

/etc/init.d/sshield start    


Server Shield depends on several pieces of open source software to function properly. If yum is available, the following packages will be silently installed and kept up to date:
  • yum-security
  • iptables
  • nmap
  • net-tools
  • sed
  • gawk
  • git
  • apache-devel
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