Monday, September 2, 2013

SpiderFoot : Multi-platform open-source footprinting and intelligence gathering tool.

                   is an open source footprinting tool, available for Windows and Linux. It is written in Python and provides an easy-to-use GUI. SpiderFoot obtains a wide range of information about a target, such as web servers, netblocks, e-mail addresses and more.

                   SpiderFoot is now entirely written in Python, with packages provided for running on Linux/BSD/Solaris systems as well as a py2exe package that can be run on Windows. Once started, SpiderFoot starts up an internal web server that you must then visit using a web browser (IE, FireFox and Chrome should be fine.

                   All data is stored locally in a SQLite database. This enables a lot of flexibility in data analysis, querying and reporting that I expect to become more fully available in future releases.

    - Collects SSL certificate information and performs a number of checks.
    - Identifies social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
    - Identifies the use of Javascript frameworks like jQuery, etc.
    - Identifies the use of externally hosted Javascript.
    - Looks across all Internet TLDs for presence of the target.
    - Performs faster port scanning, with the addition of banner grabbing.
    - Performs more thorough DNS analysis of the target.
    - Includes many bug fixes and internal improvements.

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