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Malware / Application Exploit Analysis tool - Hook Analyser 2.6

Hook Analyser :
                        is a freeware project, started in 2011, to analyse an application during the run-time. The project can be potentially useful in analysing malwares (static and run time), and for performing application crash analysis.

The following sections break down the features (and functionality) of the Hook Analyser, and attempts to answer ‘How-to’ and ‘so-what’ queries.

Application UI – Significant updates have been performed on the latest release (v 2.2) to make it more verbose.

Hook Analyser is a hook tool which could be potentially helpful in reversing application and analyzing malwares.

The tool can hook to an API in a process and can do following tasks.

1. Hook to API in a process
2. Hook to API and search for pattern in memory of a process
3. Hook to API and dump buffer (memory).

It's completely automated where you need not to mention any specific API, it does all by itself and stores result in log file.

Needless to say : Support pattern searches , dump memory content and more..

Following is the change log -
  1. Added new signatures (and removed redundant ones) 
  2. Bug fixes - Many thanks for community users to reporting them.
  3. Fixed start-up error. 

Release of the Hook Analyser v2.6.

Following is the change log -

-- Added new signatures (and removed redundant ones)
-- Bug fixes - Many thanks for community users to reporting them.
-- Fixed start-up error.

  5 key functionalities -

  1. Spawn and Hook to Application - This feature allows analyst to spawn an application, and hook into it. The module flow is as following -
    1. PE validation
    2. Static malware analysis.
    3. Other options (such as pattern search or dump all)
    4. Type of hooking (Automatic, Smart or manual)
    5. Spawn and hook
         Currently, there are three types of hooking being supported –
  • Automatic – The tool will parse the application import tables, and based upon that will hook into specified APIs
  • Manual – On this, the tool will ask end-user for each API, if it needs to be hooked.
  • Smart – This is essentially a subset of automatic hooking however, excludes uninteresting APIs.
    2.  Hook to a specific running process-The option allows analyst to hook to a running (active) process. The program flow is –
  1. List all running process
  2. Identify the running process executable path.
  3. Perform static malware analysis on executable (fetched from process executable path)
  4. Other options (such as pattern search or dump all)
  5. Type of hooking (Automatic, Smart or manual)
  6.  Hook to a specific running process
  7. Hook and continue the process 

  3.   Static Malware Analysis  - This module is one of the most interesting and useful module of Hook Analyser, which performs scanning on PE or Widows executables to identify potential malware traces. The sub-components have been mentioned below (and this is not the full list) -

  1. PE file validation
  2. CRC and timestamps validation
  3. PE properties such as Image Base, Entry point, sections, subsystem
  4. TLS entry detection.
  5. Entry point verification (if falls in suspicious section)
  6. Suspicious entry point detection
  7. Packer detection
  8. Signature trace (extended from malware analyser project), such as Anti VM aware, debug aware, keyboard hook aware etc. This particular function searches for more than 20 unique malware behaviours (using 100’s of signature).
  9. Import intel scanning.
  10. Deep search (module)
    Online search of MD5 (of executable) on Threat Expert.
  11. String dump (ASCII)
  12. Executable file information
  13. Hexdump
  14. PEfile info dumping
  15. ...and more.

   4.   Application crash analysis - This module enables exploit researcher and/or application developer to analyse memory content when an application crashes.This module essentially displays data in different memory register (such as EIP).
  • Application crash analysis video demonstration – 
  5.   Exe extractor - This module essentially extracts executables from running process/s, which could then be further analysed using Hook Analyser , Malware Analyser or other solutions. This module is potentially useful for incident responders

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