Thursday, May 31, 2012

MaxPatrol Network Security Scanner - Positive Technologies

MaxPatrol - Network & Web Application Security Testing Tool:

MaxPatrol Core Features:

Web-server and Web Application structure analysis.

        MaxPatrol analyzes the structure of Web Applications to determine
        weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities in both the Web Server
        Configuration and the Web Application. Discovers available web server
        technologies. Inspects the HTTP version banners and looks for
        vulnerable products and other..

Intelligent recognition of vulnerabilities in known web-server scripts.

    Automatically detects web vulnerabilities:

        - SQL injection
        - Blind SQL injection
        - Cross Site Scripting
        - UTF-7 Cross Site Scripting
        - HTTP Response Splitting
        - Code execution
        - File inclusion
        - Directory traversal
        - Input validation
        - Authentication attacks
          (brute force login/password and etc)
        - Script source code disclosure
        - Discovers directories with weak permissions
          (finds directory listings and etc)
        - Looks for common files,
          back-up files, logs or directories

Detection of vulnerabilities arising from configuration errors including
    cases of unprotected authorization, revealing of information by services,


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