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Thursday, May 2, 2013

IPv6 port scanner Tool - Topera

           is a brand new TCP port scanner under IPv6, with the particularity that these scans are not detected by Snort.

                        Snort is the most known IDS/IPS and is widely used in many different critical environments. Some commercial tools (Juniper or Checkpoint ones) use it as detection engine also.

Mocking snort detection capabilities could suppose a high risk in some cases.
                          We keep researching on the security implications that the "new" IPv6 protocol will have in different environments.

                      Get local IPv6 address - Get local ethernet interface - sniffer packet counter - Some minor fixes. You can see an example of execution of Topera in demo videos below,

Latest Video :

 Sample Snapshot :

                                   In next pictures you can see some executions screenshots:

Topera in TCP port scanner mode:

Run with default options:

# python -M topera_tcp_scan -t fe80:b100:::c408
Run specifing: ports to scan, delay between connections, and number os extensions headers:

# python -M topera_tcp_scan -t fe80:b100:::c408 \
-p 21,22,23,80,8080 --scan-delay 0 --headers-num 0 -vvv

Download Link : Topera

Mirror Download Link 1 : Topera
Mirror Download Link 2 : Topera