Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SSLAuditor- Version 4 : GUI Utility to audit SSL services

SSLAuditor- Version 4 : GUI Utility to audit SSL services


Check all issues on SSL including ciphers, certificates and configuration issues.
Cipher issues: sslv2 support, weak ciphers
Certificate issues: selfsigned, wildcard, expiration, weak certificate key,
Configuration issues: CRIME, , preferred cipher - BEAST, renegotiation, resumption
Flexible input - file, individual or range with multiple ports
Internal timer to adjust according to the response of the server.
Detailed and professional reporting with mitigation procedures for identified issues.

No installer; unzip and click opabinia.exe to start the program.

Only requirement is vc++ 12 runtime.
If the executable is not opening, then please install vc++ libraries
and try again.

Beta version for testing:

Please let me know your feedback/bugs/features missing on the same.