Monday, June 11, 2012

Armitage - Network Penetration Testing Tool

                             makes Network penetration testing easy by GUI of Metasploit Framework.

                                         It was developed by Raphael Mudge. This tool helps to reduce the time and also gives a good understanding of Metasploit to various security professionals. The major advantages of using this tool are that it recommends the exploits, has advanced post-exploitation features, and is a very good visualization of the targets.

                                          We can scan a particular target or import data from other security scanners, which can then be used in Armitage for further attacks. The following is a list of a few security scanners file formats which are supported currently for adding the hosts to Armitage:
  • Acunetix XML
  • Amap Log
  • Amap Log -m
  • Appscan XML
  • Burp Session XML
  • Foundstone XML
  • IP360 ASPL
  • IP360 XML v3
  • Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
  • Nessus NBE
  • Nessus XML (v1 and v2)
  • NetSparker XML
  • NeXpose Simple XML
  • NeXpose XML Report
  • Nmap XML
  • OpenVAS Report
  • Qualys Asset XML
  • Qualys Scan XML
  • Retina XML

Armitage Document Manual : Click Here

Armitage Tutorial Video's & Snapshots: Click Here

Armitage Download : Click Here